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Lasgidi Cruise

Come explore the beautiful landmarks of Lagos, let the cool sea breeze refresh your spirit, and sing sweet music to your ears. You are guaranteed a fun filled ride on spectacular boats to exquisite resorts. Imagine standing at the boat’s rail, looking at the deep blue sea, munching on tasty barbecue, and sipping on fine wine. BBQ is prepared by world class experts, the DJ’s we use are the best, safety and security are top priority…Come let us thrill and excite you with d latest rhythms while u enjoy the ambience of the sea/resort.

Our mission is to make you happy

Our mission at Lasgidi Cruise is making recreation feel like a journey to paradise. Before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the other social media website you know of, fun used to be with the simple things like walking through nature, feasting on roasted lamb or chicken around a bonfire, or going on a voyage. These activities were more refreshing for the whole makeup of man; they nourished his physical, mental, and psychological parts. We have decided to take a little bit from the old life, and put our own special touch to it to give you a great experience with our intriguing & irresistible BBQ boat cruise party.

Go on a journey with us

Let us take you through a journey on a world class leisure boat ride to a masterpiece island where you enjoy the best of live BBQ series prepared by experts. We don’t just create a platform for fun, we walk you through the journey and ensure your day is well spent because we are passionate about what we do. From preparing tasty chicken, turkey, or pork barbecue, to ensuring different types of drinks you desire are available. We want you to enjoy the journey on the way to the destination island, as we treat every part of the experience with utmost importance. We fulfill your cruise fantasy… Explore and discover BBQ at its finest.

Q. How do I book?

A. To book you need to get in touch with us via our contact page on the website, on the contact page are our contact numbers and email. We have customer service representatives ready to take your calls promptly and provide you with all the information you would need.

Q. Are there last minute bookings?

A. We understand some of our clients might be too busy to book in good time so normally we allow last minute booking for the cruise, but if exceptions would be made in case of last minute booking for an event, there would be an extra charge of 10% to make that happen

Q. How do I pay?

A. Payments are made to the account details provided on the event page.

Q. Where would we go for sightseeing on the cruise.

A. With the help of a tour guide, you get to see and enjoy amazing views like the Lagos water-ways, the lagoon, the Atlantic and cruise around resorts like takwa bay, ilashe, inagbe, and unoccupied islands.

Q. What do we expect to get on the cruise on our way to the island?

A. We’ll serenade you with beautiful music, we also provide exotic drinks and beverages, and delicious finger foods (depending on the duration of the cruise).

Q. Are children allowed?

A. Yes, children are most welcome. We provide special packages for the little ones to keep them happy and entertained,We have experienced tour guides and ushers available and we also have the appropriate life jacket on board for children.

Q. Can we bring our own food and drinks on board?

A. Drinks and food are allowed. However, you will be missing out on the delicacies available for you.

Q. Can we make special food requests or get catering services?

A. We are a professional catering company, for Indoor and outdoor events and we’ll also cater to you and accept all special food requests for an additional fee depending on the request.

Q. What happens if the weather were unfavourable?

A. We take no risk, all cruise will be cancelled and postponed till the weather clears and it’s safe to go ahead.

Q. How far in advance should I book a cruise to guarantee me a spot?

A.  We advise our clients to book well in advance to be guaranteed a spot on the cruise, however you can also book on or before the deadline date provided.

Q. What safety precautions and rescue units are available in case of an incident?

A. As a lasgidi cruise policy all passengers on board must wear a life jacket,  we always have a nurse, a security guard, and professional swimmers on board. Also we maintain real time communication all through the cruise with rescue units ready to spring into action in case of an incident.


Beef Samosa

Chicken spring rolls

Finger BBQ

Grilled peppered gizzards


Onion rings

Main Dishes

Basmati fried Chinese rice with shrimps, and shredded beef sauce in green pepper and chicken vegetable sauce

Jollof rice, plantain, grilled steaks in veggie sauce.

Fried Rice, plantain with open flame grilled turkey

The Grill

BBQ Chicken

BBQ Turkey

BBQ Pulled pork sandwich

BBQ Pulled beef soft tacos

Roasted sausages


Beef Shawarma

Chicken shawarma



French fries


Mashed sweet potato and gravy


Fruit Salad

Grilled Fruits

Biscuits with gravy


Soft Drinks








Red wine

White wine

Top shelf



please note that top shelf drinks are for sale.

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